As we move into the Holiday season, our painting thoughts turn to 2020.  I have started listing workshops for the coming year and more will be added.  No new Technique corners but browse the November and December techniques and challenges from earlier years. There are how-to’s for making great small cards or holiday gifrs and drawing/painting  exercises to keep your hand in during this busy season.

Our life is changing. We have found a new home in Anacortes (see Contact info)  and are traveling back and forth between the two, living in both until our home on the island sells. At the moment it is off the market but still for sale.  We are changing the studio roof from shakes to metal like the rest of the compound and are going to re-evaluate our sales program. 6 viewers in 19 months is not acceptable. It is a private island but not that remote.

The Island, a new page, has been added to the menu. It tells more about our  island property than you can find in multiple listings. And I update it!!  We have had almost thirty wonderful years here and it  has been an ideal home for an artist. Take a look.

Happy browsing, happy  painting and a very happy holiday season.